Best customers/friends

what many already knew and also had heard fact is, after 22 years I put a point behind my deli t'fiantje in Heverlee. have the 22 years with pleasure but by the fact that I am working on a professional level with other projects is for me no more doable to combine them. It was no easy choice for myself since I the daily contact and everything around it with you will miss. Hope it both for you as for me a nice cooperation.:)

The further course is that I am in the week of 16/8 to 7/8 deliveries still do but that the offer on the site though decreasing since we will clearance sales.

For further deliveries I have a colleague who Deli in the same way as I work and with a similar website. For questions and such you can always email me or call at the number 0476/210803

found it all these years together with you and go missing